Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Sharina Aybar 3785 100% Complete Monday, November 19 at 11:15:00 PM English
Seeking the position of a retail sales associate that will give me an opportunity to acquire sales skills Responsible for arranging programs and activities for the students alongside co-workers. Problem solving and reporting issues to supervisor. ... Lainey Gossett 3906 100% Complete Sunday, September 16 at 06:26:57 PM English
I come from a family where ambition means everything. No matter how much you have, you still need to - I am hard working, dedicated, and ambitious. I like to have some sort of motivation for everything I I attended Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic ... Michael Ward 6214 100% Complete Friday, March 02 at 12:10:34 PM English
Motor City Radio Club Secretary, 2011 Stephen P. Hepler Award, 2008 ... alexander abraham 4848 100% Complete Tuesday, January 10 at 05:38:20 AM English
I have worked in dangerous envoirment for over 84 hours a week working 12 hours shifts ensuring quality - OBJECTIVES To secure a position with a professional organization, displaying growth and stability where HSA Inc, Kandahar Afghan CURRENT ... Lindsey Watson 5475 100% Complete Tuesday, April 05 at 08:58:10 AM English
FFA President 2005-2007- conducted meetings, kept track of various contests, and Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power-Point, Adobe Reader, and Internet Ran the cash register and the deep fryer recorded all parts inventory kept track ... Eric Reichenbach 7467 100% Complete Friday, August 13 at 03:04:52 PM English
9+ years in the United States Army - To obtain employment at your company in the field of Patriot. Provided technical guidance and supervision for the Fire Control and Launcher platoons ... beverly wheaton 8826 100% Complete Saturday, August 07 at 11:27:54 AM English
Analytical, results-oriented professional with proven experience in bookkeeping and medical assistant. - Experience in secretary and office management is 30 years. With this and 10 years of bookkeeping experience With the experience I have I ... Roxana Rautu 26 100% Complete Friday, May 28 at 08:52:51 PM English
I am a hardworking, dedicated and energetic student who loves meeting new people and facing new challenges. - Resourceful, dependent and efficient Experienced in working with customers Quick and willing to learn Dedicated and hard-working Won ... Amanda Wilson 7849 100% Complete Thursday, May 20 at 03:53:03 PM English
I am a hard worker, and strive to excel. I like to learn, and am always up for a good challenge. I am Duties Include: Handling money and making change, doing paperwork, cleaning, keeping ... Ho Mun Onn Nigel 9506 100% Complete Wednesday, May 19 at 07:34:59 AM English
Led the Red Cross Club in Victoria School and held the position of Vice-Chairman - Held position of Senior Warrant Officer (the highest achievable rank in secondary Completed my Final Year Project in biomedical research and established excellent ... Malia J. Evancho 1449 100% Complete Wednesday, June 02 at 07:28:00 PM English
To obtain a secretarial position where I can use my computer and clerical skills. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint) HTML (Basic Web Design) Filing/Editing Relevant Courses: Financial & Managerial Accounting Marketing Duties: ... Eliza Eleonor Navo 8079 100% Complete Sunday, April 25 at 11:59:58 AM English
A highly-dynamic, result-oriented professional experienced in working in a financial institution as - To obtain a responsible and challenging position with a progressive company where my work experience Updating contact information in the account ... Edgar R Serrano R 125 60% Complete Friday, April 09 at 10:53:55 AM Español
Mi experiencia laboral en compañías de auditoría multinacionales, en Universidades Dirección: Calle 25 No. 68 A – 52, Apto. 504. Bogotá, D.C. – Col. Correo electrónico: Dentro de las responsabilidades en el ... alex zuchelkowski 5189 76% Complete Saturday, March 13 at 01:30:07 PM English
Job Description: General Care of Horses, Cleaning stalls, feed and water, exercising It was a very physically demanding job. Member of the track team in both secondary schools. MVP of 2006. High School Honours Student ... Fabio Naranjo 5484 48% Complete Monday, March 01 at 10:06:41 PM English
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