Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Matthew ASh 661920 76% Complete Friday, November 09 at 10:47:26 PM English
Responsibilities ... Ho Mun Onn Nigel 9409 100% Complete Wednesday, May 19 at 07:34:59 AM English
Led the Red Cross Club in Victoria School and held the position of Vice-Chairman - Responsible and possess leadership skills Performed administration and secretarial duties Responsible for training an intern with a fellow colleague in research ... Seth Aaron James 9161 100% Complete Tuesday, August 03 at 07:11:08 PM English
"A goal oriented customer service, sales, and computer technician expert, with six years experience, Responsible for customer service, sales, in-depth product knowledge, refereeing on Assisted in numerous training classes to teach new hires. ... Robert W. Rowe 8417 100% Complete Saturday, February 20 at 10:08:17 PM English
I'm a sixteen year old native of California. Moved to North Carolina in 2006. - Further enhance my leadership abilities so that I can produce better content in video production, writing I have two years of experience in media, including print, ...
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