Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Jack Isquith 3879 100% Complete Tuesday, August 05 at 09:53:28 AM English
Digital media leader. Creator. Builder. Emissary between new technology and old media. - I love growing, engaging and monetizing audiences across multiple platforms: mobile, web sites, apps, Over the last 14 years, I’ve grown content and monetization .. Ramon M. Ortiz 3200 100% Complete Thursday, May 09 at 05:58:57 PM English
8 years of customer service expertise. Generated sales by engaging and connecting with each customer through the utilization Demonstrated strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Assisted as Floor Manager, simultaneously servicing customers ... Oisin Feeney 3346 100% Complete Sunday, May 20 at 05:47:55 PM English
To obtain work in documentary radio or film and garner experience in the field of media helping me to - Honors degree received in Media and English Classes studied: Media Law, Television Documentary, Radio Broadcast, Media Policy, Video, during ... Michael Ward 6036 100% Complete Friday, March 02 at 12:10:34 PM English
Association for Computing Machinery ... David J. Six 5786 100% Complete Thursday, February 20 at 11:06:31 PM English
I am a self-motivated employee. I enjoy my profession because of the constant changes and challenges - My personal objectives, ambitions and goals are constantly changing. I prefer the short term goal approach, Course description: Training and ... Jermon Brown 11010 100% Complete Thursday, September 23 at 10:15:13 PM English
To obtain a position in help desk support within the health-care industry, where I can utilize my extensive Served briefly as interim Help Desk Manager. Also very instrumental in being proactive as first level monitoring of the LAN/WAN. Extensive ... Nick Buzinski 7789 100% Complete Sunday, November 21 at 09:43:51 PM English
I excel working on my own or in small teams - Continued learning and expansion of knowledge I am dexterous with tedious detail work and deft with longer-term projects as well Exploring communication in all its forms; face-to-face, advertisements ... Brandon Stevens 8242 100% Complete Tuesday, April 20 at 05:14:34 PM English
Logistics Assistant Production Floor Cutter Work with engineering department on new and special customer Part Numbers, Cable Host of weekly radio show "Monday Morning Miso" Co-host of weekly radio show "The Jump Button" Use communication skills ... Chantel Robert 7121 100% Complete Thursday, April 15 at 11:48:23 PM English
To obtain a position as a Dental Hygienist with your establishment where I can contribute my skills and Customer service. Supervision of other team members. Various paperwork and cash procedures. Performed Level 1 and 2 dental assistant duties. ... Kevin Muto 4448 48% Complete Friday, March 26 at 07:10:37 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Alejandro Giraldo Ospina 11493 60% Complete Thursday, May 20 at 03:56:25 PM Español
Fecha de nacimiento: 16 de Mayo de 1983 Asistencia en la instalación de equipos de radiología. Atención al cliente vía telefónica. Manejo de la caja registradora. Me considero un individuo auto motivado con fuerte compromiso para adquirir nuevos . Vera Blake 41975 100% Complete Thursday, November 18 at 03:56:22 PM English
Information Technology professional with experience in human-interface solutions - To apply my technical skills to a viable online and distance education solution Technical writer with several years' experience To be a part of a creative effort ... Ray Bright 6987 100% Complete Wednesday, February 17 at 02:05:49 PM English
Assisted customers with immigration services and benefits offered by U.S. Citizenship ... Chad Lawrence 13620 100% Complete Wednesday, January 19 at 03:46:15 PM English
PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS TCP/IP, Ethernet, Category 5 cabling, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless configuration Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 Intel and AMD based workstations and servers Operating Systems: Servers: Languages: Developed ... Melissa Marie Gregorowicz 9122 100% Complete Monday, February 07 at 11:31:55 AM English
Over 8 years experience in the bar and restaurant industry. - To obtain a position in an positive environment allowing me to utilize my multi-tasking skills and upbeat Successfully completed a RAS (Responsible Alcohol Sales) class. Successfully ...
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