Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Thao Ngo, RN 6752 100% Complete Thursday, March 13 at 02:46:59 PM English
Registered Nurse - Bilingual (English, Vietnamese) - Looking for opportunities to give excellent patient care in a hospital setting Experienced in collaborating with nurses, doctors, specialists, and staff members Medical-surgical Medication management . Ali Wygant 3630 100% Complete Sunday, February 17 at 07:33:31 PM English
Obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, employment background, -Holding animals for Doctors and/or Technicians -Weekend care of boarding or hospitalized Helped nurses with the daily care of patients, including ... Connie Gould 2975 100% Complete Sunday, March 24 at 11:07:38 PM English
Highly motivated, practical, efficient individual seeking employment - 336-479-1611 Cashier In charge of customer relations/ satisfaction Managed inventory and adjusted pricing Lined up advertising for the company General labor Kept track of vital signs Eric C Gray Pharm.D. 5335 100% Complete Thursday, January 19 at 05:13:58 PM English
“Reversible Metabolism of Drugs.” Drug Metabolism and Interactions, Volume II, “Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Clozapine.” Clinical Pharmacokinetics A Prospective Multi-Center, Open-Label Study of the Safety of Abecarnil (5.0 and ... Darko Gojkovic 11171 100% Complete Sunday, May 08 at 05:51:33 PM English
A HIGHLY MOTIVATED PROFFESSIONAL WITH EXTENSIVE EXPIRIENCE IN ALL HOSPITAL/MEDICAL/CARE OPERATIONS AND - Strenghts • High tolerance for ethnic, religious or personality diversity and excellent leadership • Opening and maintaining an airway; ... Melissa 5464 100% Complete Monday, April 04 at 12:08:55 PM English
I aim to find a job as a medical receptionist in your prestigious health care facility where I will get I work the cash register, deliver trays, assemble trays according to patient diets, Skills Learned: multitasking, great communication skills,problem .. Joshua M. Allen 4817 100% Complete Thursday, March 03 at 10:55:52 PM English
I am seeking the position of Phlebotomist or Patient Care Technician in an organization where I am able ... Clare Hansen 9808 100% Complete Thursday, March 15 at 11:03:48 PM English
Hardworking, dedicated student who is determined to provide health care assistance to individuals through - Experience in the clinical setting in the nursing field. Obtain a position as a health care provider in the field of nursing Cleaning ... Brittany Anne Clahane 4294 72% Complete Monday, September 27 at 12:33:13 PM English
Trained in Sequel Med and Microsoft Groove. Responsible for scanning patient files into computers for the doctors and calling Responsible for properly standing a third mate watch, conning the vessel in and out Required to learn every detail ... akhil 8305 100% Complete Thursday, September 23 at 07:37:50 PM English
Enthusiastic Intrest in self-improvement Calm under pressure Excellent adaptation skills Other languages known: French, Telugu, Tamil Conducting preliminary medical assessments with both children and adults Running activities with children ... Jeff Jewell 13061 100% Complete Wednesday, November 17 at 12:23:01 PM English
DIVERSE skills background prior to nursing career, bringing business competency, computer/networking, - To continue to grow a strong foundation of nursing skills, and a diverse, marketable background for the PROVIDE computer hardware, software, ... Corey J. Kalvoda 7301 100% Complete Sunday, July 18 at 08:24:40 AM English
Detail-oriented, organized, able to act quickly in emergency situations, great personal and communication - Seeking a Paramedic position where experience as a dedicated emergency medical services professional Perform in emergency situations; ... Amelia Lee 2681 100% Complete Friday, August 12 at 05:16:57 PM English
An administrative position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task Responsibilities include; answering inbound calls from beneficiaries with TriCare Exceeded customer service team and site goals Responsibilities . Veronica Zimanek 7949 100% Complete Wednesday, June 09 at 08:32:10 PM English
To pursue a permanent career in a professional environment, where I can thrive and build to my true potential. Trained in customer service, as well as money handling and store organization. Urinalysis resulting both macro and micro Preparing ... Chantel Robert 7298 100% Complete Thursday, April 15 at 11:48:23 PM English
To obtain a position as a Dental Hygienist with your establishment where I can contribute my skills and Supervision of other team members. Take impressions for whitening trays and splint appliances. Opening and closing paperwork. Weekly inventory. ...
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