Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Matthew Moser 1719 76% Complete Monday, April 15 at 11:28:26 PM English
My objective is to make aware to the general public the information needed to make an educated decision. Matthew James Moser Greenville, SC 29611 (864) 561-2350 Proficient in Adobe Photoshop 3.34 GPA in college ... Muhammad Haafiz bin Azahzuddin 1449 64% Complete Monday, December 24 at 03:11:22 AM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Lucas Reynolds 2393 100% Complete Tuesday, May 29 at 12:10:11 AM English
To find a good paying job to help me save and put myself through college so that I can earn a degree - Walking and caring for animals at kennel. Maintaining lawns and plowing driveways for homes in Strawberry Woods Subdivision. Lettered in Football, ... Edward San Roman 3898 100% Complete Thursday, April 05 at 11:53:14 PM English
I am a member of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), qualifying by having an overall - My objective is to accumulate job experience to make me both a more efficient worker and an asset. It I am Edward San Roman of Dallas, Texas. ... Andrea Olivares 6623 100% Complete Saturday, April 30 at 05:06:51 PM English
I am a fun loving, person that loves meeting new people and making people feel welcome and well taken - I believe being trained and motived in a workplace now will help me greatly understand I am a VERY enthusiastic young person seeking a positive ... Le Thi Hong Nhung 4339 100% Complete Thursday, May 19 at 01:42:04 AM English
5+ years in Customer Services and Administration - To be part of a professional company with an innovative environment to enrich employees’ knowledge Young, dynamic, enthusiastic, elegantly tactful and smartly dedicated. Customer Relationship ... Brook Beyene 5520 68% Complete Wednesday, August 18 at 03:42:53 AM English
I was born and raised in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I moved to United States on November 19, 2003. - To obtain the part time job position at Internet Researcher. I was on my senior year when I attended UCD. I was in pre-colligate program, which ... Lexi Pudder 3903 56% Complete Thursday, July 08 at 04:41:24 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Ryan Muthana 6406 100% Complete Friday, October 18 at 11:07:07 PM English
To build experience in business, developing meaningful peer relationships, and providing customer service. Disciplined Employees Product Returns Customer Service Sending/Receiving Distros ...
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