Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Matthew Moser 2366 76% Complete Monday, April 15 at 11:28:26 PM English
My objective is to make aware to the general public the information needed to make an educated decision. Matthew James Moser Greenville, SC 29611 Journalism student at the University of South Carolina Proficient in Adobe Photoshop .. Muhammad Haafiz bin Azahzuddin 1815 64% Complete Monday, December 24 at 03:11:22 AM English
In my final years, studying in Faculty of Creative Multimedia, majoring in Media ... Lucas Reynolds 2763 100% Complete Tuesday, May 29 at 12:10:11 AM English
To find a good paying job to help me save and put myself through college so that I can earn a degree - Maintaining lawns and plowing driveways for homes in Strawberry Woods Subdivision. Maintained above 3.0 GPA Lettered in Football, Track and Lacrosse Edward San Roman 4970 100% Complete Thursday, April 05 at 11:53:14 PM English
I am a member of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), qualifying by having an overall - My objective is to accumulate job experience to make me both a more efficient worker and an asset. It Currently, my objective is to transfer ... Andrea Olivares 7296 100% Complete Saturday, April 30 at 05:06:51 PM English
I am a fun loving, person that loves meeting new people and making people feel welcome and well taken - Recieving a lifelong understanding of the sucsessful and proffessional workplace, Being a sales associate comes naturally to me, being a ... Le Thi Hong Nhung 4960 100% Complete Thursday, May 19 at 01:42:04 AM English
5+ years in Customer Services and Administration - To be part of a professional company with an innovative environment to enrich employees’ knowledge Customer Relationship Management: Microsoft CRM. Reserved air tickets and accommodation. ... Brook Beyene 5821 68% Complete Wednesday, August 18 at 03:42:53 AM English
I was born and raised in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I moved to United States on November 19, 2003. - To obtain the part time job position at Internet Researcher. Currently I am sophomore at University of Colorado at Boulder. Majoring in Astrophysicist, ... Lexi Pudder 4082 56% Complete Thursday, July 08 at 04:41:24 PM English
Majoring in Sociology ...
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