Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Evan Lowry 3720 100% Complete Wednesday, February 20 at 08:13:23 PM English
I have great leadership qualities and am able to effectively work alone or collaborate with others. I - My objective is to acquire a position as a summer engineering intern. I have had teaching/tutoring experience, providing private guitar lessons ... Michael Gregorowicz 1719737 100% Complete Tuesday, September 04 at 12:45:13 PM English
Employee at a Merit Member organization for over 15 years - To find employment at an innovative technology company where I will be exposed to emerging technologies To make the world a better place for as many generations after me as possible. ... Eric Reichenbach 7383 100% Complete Friday, August 13 at 03:04:52 PM English
9+ years in the United States Army - To obtain employment at your company in the field of Patriot. While deployed to the Kingdom of Bahrain, I built my units' TMDE program, sucessfully Fielded many new equipment and software upgrades while stationed ... Brandi Lynn George 8059 100% Complete Monday, April 05 at 06:58:22 PM English
To find placement in education or an education-related field, preferably at the secondary level. I would love to find a quality school district to begin teaching Biology or Chemistry I am passionate about teaching young adults and igniting their ... Cory David Hain 8581 76% Complete Friday, March 12 at 01:43:55 PM English
Built solutions in: IIS, Tomcat 4-6, Oracle 8-10, MYSQL, and SAP Netweaver J2EE. Proficient in: SQL, VB, Java, J2EE, JSP, ASP, and HTML Extensive experience troubleshooting all tiers of an application to come up with Excellent communication ... Christian Nuesa 33926 100% Complete Saturday, February 06 at 02:34:49 AM English
9+ years of Java/J2EE development experience for full SDLC projects. - UML modeling experience including class diagrams and use case diagrams. An accomplished Software Engineer having a diverse background in enterprise system Microsoft Visual ...
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