Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language alexander abraham 4041 100% Complete Tuesday, January 10 at 05:38:20 AM English
I have worked in dangerous envoirment for over 84 hours a week working 12 hours shifts ensuring quality - OBJECTIVES To secure a position with a professional organization, displaying growth and stability where I am a friendly person and very ... Alex Straley 2459 100% Complete Thursday, March 29 at 12:28:36 PM English
(optional) You can add extra more information if you'd like - Objective statements are a great way to convey your ambitions, career goals, and set expectations for You can have more if you want, or not! You can add sub items, they are always ... Chinyelu Onuora 2759 100% Complete Tuesday, August 21 at 11:51:55 PM English
To further my experience and knowledge in the field of research. ... Amanda Rewinkel 2222 76% Complete Wednesday, May 02 at 12:41:33 PM English
Business major with a minor in Business Administration seeks employment with a knowledgeable, experienced ... parks boeschen 2750 76% Complete Wednesday, October 31 at 09:17:59 PM English
A 17 year old student athlete with a competitive drive for both academics and athletics. Look forward - Gain acceptance and athletic scholarship to a 4 year university that challenges me both academically ... Daniel Paz 8997 72% Complete Tuesday, March 16 at 08:09:05 AM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Vincent Aleister Portier 5909 72% Complete Wednesday, February 17 at 05:00:43 PM English
7+ years of troubleshooting for many customers, family and friends - My goal is to perform at my best while working for your company. I will apply myself each and everyday 7+ years of Microsoft Visual Basic (VB.NET) programming Clear and pleasant ... Hoang Trung Kien 7596 72% Complete Friday, February 19 at 10:40:46 AM English
05+ Years Professional Experience in Information Technology - To be on board with a company interested in embracing enthusiastic, self-motivated IT personnel; and ... Meagan Dauge 3647 72% Complete Thursday, February 25 at 09:33:31 PM English
Over 6 years experience in customer service and public relations. - ... Benjamin Hill 8327 68% Complete Thursday, January 07 at 05:44:49 PM English
To gain a position that will allow me to utilize my skills and education. Grade Point Average: 3.45 ... Louis O’Neill 3643 68% Complete Wednesday, February 10 at 12:02:35 PM English
... Devin Danehy 6506 68% Complete Thursday, February 11 at 07:02:21 PM English
Executive Devin Danehy leads the Retail Sales Department of Pepsi Cola as Director of Strategy. One of - ... Jorge Donoso 5341 68% Complete Wednesday, March 03 at 02:13:34 PM Español
Marine biologist, experienced in observation techniques in marine mammals on high Observer marine fauna associated Seismic survey & marine debris ... Tara Renee Cicala 3695 68% Complete Monday, February 22 at 07:27:08 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Anoop Narang 3714 68% Complete Tuesday, February 23 at 07:25:48 AM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ...
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