Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Rachel Duran 3239 100% Complete Monday, April 08 at 10:54:26 AM English
I help count inventory every Monday. Help train new managers on carry out. Cash out guests. I count my drawer at the end of every shift. ... Nicole Murray 3945 100% Complete Thursday, December 20 at 05:01:49 PM English
Highly motivated, customer service professional with over 10 years experience in customer relations as Ability to work with minimal supervision. Responsible for delivering automotive parts to established auto mechanics in the Promoted to Relationship ... Ryon Popescu 7906 100% Complete Tuesday, September 14 at 03:08:30 PM English
I am a highly motivated, ambitious person, with a considerable amount of knowledge about computers. - With my life I would like to be a happy and be in a job that I truly enjoy. Computer work is such a passion My dedication to my employer is ... victoria brady 7907 100% Complete Saturday, July 17 at 05:38:33 PM English
2 years managing - By applying for the Whole Foods bakery management position, i hope to further my management and leadership Experience Reason for leaving Duties ... Janet Daugherty 8662 100% Complete Monday, March 29 at 03:19:39 PM English
Personal Mary Ann Arrigo (724)-437-2590 Store Relocated Wash dishes. Run the cash register Make sandwiches and salads in front of the customer. Provide Customer Service Could not wait for grand opening, Had to work to support my child. Reason ...
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