Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Rachel Duran 3515 100% Complete Monday, April 08 at 10:54:26 AM English
I help count inventory every Monday. Train new hosts. Take carry out orders. ... Michael W. Autenrieth 3605 100% Complete Friday, January 25 at 10:15:17 PM English
Witty and Focused - Management position where I can effectively utilize my skills in human relations, and expand existing Excellent Interpersonal Skills Warm and Friendly Working with a well established and stable company, attain a lasting relationship .. shane e tackett 3248 100% Complete Tuesday, January 22 at 01:41:59 AM English
To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to Shane E. Tackett An aspiring team worker, hard working and dedicated professional who wants to meet Moved a variety of product with a forklift. ... Nicole Murray 4154 100% Complete Thursday, December 20 at 05:01:49 PM English
Highly motivated, customer service professional with over 10 years experience in customer relations as Demonstrated the ability to obtain new accounts and meet established goals. Ability to work with minimal supervision. Highly motivated with ... Gamal Gouda Ali 4399 100% Complete Saturday, May 12 at 06:31:18 PM English
• Project and construction management ( design, coordination, administration and supervision skills - Looking for adequate positions wherein my team player attributes, experience and communication skills ... Mervin Thng 6499 100% Complete Sunday, July 10 at 09:45:20 AM English
I am a seasoned professional of the event, entertainment, advertising, fashion, and creative industries - For reasons of career advancement and the expansion of work horizons, I am seeking full-time employment ... Ryon Popescu 8067 100% Complete Tuesday, September 14 at 03:08:30 PM English
I am a highly motivated, ambitious person, with a considerable amount of knowledge about computers. - With my life I would like to be a happy and be in a job that I truly enjoy. Computer work is such a passion My dedication to my employer is ... Brandon Pelfrey 7257 100% Complete Tuesday, September 07 at 06:13:51 AM English
Years of working with people, providing sales services and answering customers' questions. - To find employment to help facilitate returning to school for a college education, and while working Moved merchandise into, and acted as salesperson ... Michael Gregorowicz 1998789 100% Complete Tuesday, September 04 at 12:45:13 PM English
Employee at a Merit Member organization for over 15 years - To find employment at an innovative technology company where I will be exposed to emerging technologies Full stack software developer with focus on Identity, Web, and E-Mail Services ... victoria brady 8076 100% Complete Saturday, July 17 at 05:38:33 PM English
2 years managing - By applying for the Whole Foods bakery management position, i hope to further my management and leadership theft by a fellow employee Reason for leaving food/cash handling, serving, basic cleaning duties, etc. change of management ... Yuvaraj.M 4515 76% Complete Wednesday, June 23 at 12:18:01 AM English
Being a creative designer ... Veronica Zimanek 8126 100% Complete Wednesday, June 09 at 08:32:10 PM English
To pursue a permanent career in a professional environment, where I can thrive and build to my true potential. Arterial Draws. In-patient and out-patient blood draws, including NICU, ICU and Pediatrics. Sterilization of Instruments. Responsible ... Michael Drawe 3651 0% Complete Saturday, May 22 at 05:42:50 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Kurt Garcia 5674 76% Complete Tuesday, April 20 at 08:48:13 PM English
Lead singer of the Del Valle High School Garage Band. - My immediate goal is to graduate from a reputable, four-year university with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Ambitious student with well-rounded interests and a desire for higher education. ... Brandon Stevens 8539 100% Complete Tuesday, April 20 at 05:14:34 PM English
Production Floor Cutter Cut cables according to specification on CAD Drawings and Production work Orders Assistant Music Director Listen to Artist for FCC standard Radio play Order fulfillment clerk Host of weekly radio show "Monday Morning ...
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