Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Maria Auzas 8768 60% Complete Friday, June 24 at 10:11:01 PM Español
Frances Ingles Formar parte de una organización que me permita aplicar mis habilidades y experiencia Funciones: Creación, dirección y gerencia del departamento comercial y de mercadeo Funciones y logros: Creación de la empresa. Consecución, ... Roland B 2697 68% Complete Tuesday, May 03 at 03:13:17 PM English
Mon objectif est, fair de l'argent et aider les person. Je suis dans mon dernier annee dans l'ecole. ... Michael Gregorowicz 1815313 100% Complete Tuesday, September 04 at 12:45:13 PM English
Employee at a Merit Member organization for over 15 years - To find employment at an innovative technology company where I will be exposed to emerging technologies Enthusiastic innovator with over 15 years of experience using technology to make ... Chris Ross 12 48% Complete Monday, March 22 at 03:37:48 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Vincent Lambert-Tesolin 8545 56% Complete Thursday, March 18 at 03:06:19 PM Français
Je suis présentement à la recherche de nouveaux défis en tant qu’ingénieur J’ai plus de 14 ans d’expérience, en tant qu’ingénieur logiciel, dans l’administration, ... Luis Guillermo Diaz 12010 60% Complete Friday, February 19 at 08:48:14 PM Español
Gerencia de Producción - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana ... Vera Blake 42616 100% Complete Thursday, November 18 at 03:56:22 PM English
Information Technology professional with experience in human-interface solutions - To apply my technical skills to a viable online and distance education solution Please contact Vera if you would like to get a specific résumé. To be a part ... Jason M. Rogers 270807 100% Complete Wednesday, April 06 at 12:29:53 AM English
Thin Film Process Engineer with over 6 years of rewarding experience, a Bachelors of Science degree in - I am looking for a position that will draw upon and develop my existing experience in the thin films Troubleshoot and resolve issues during ...
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