Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Michael Gregorowicz 2055447 100% Complete Tuesday, September 04 at 12:45:13 PM English
Employee at a Merit Member organization for over 15 years - To find employment at an innovative technology company where I will be exposed to emerging technologies Risk aware but not risk averse, has a tool belt full of unique and capable homemade ... Keely Hoffman 1013241 100% Complete Thursday, November 01 at 04:26:32 PM English
Dedicated, knowledgeable, and certified Snowboard Instructor with six years of full-time teaching experience - Seeking new challenges in the snowsports education industry Mounted and adjusted ski/snowboard bindings according to binding company's (Marker, Sandeep Chatterjee 971933 100% Complete Wednesday, July 20 at 06:35:06 AM English
Java Developer with focus on analysis, design and development of web applications. - To acquire a position at an innovative technology company, where my acquired skills and education will 4+ years professional experience in Information Technology. ... Caryn Charter 18707 100% Complete Thursday, April 01 at 08:18:59 PM English
Utilizing my experience in the field of research administration, obtain a director position of a sponsored Assisted in the conception, development and carrying out of the following activities Monitoring the progress of grant programs by reviewing ... Delia R. Garced 14271 56% Complete Sunday, March 13 at 10:45:37 AM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Carlos Alberto Ospina E 13284 56% Complete Saturday, May 30 at 09:34:53 AM Español
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Liliana Restrepo Q. 12310 48% Complete Thursday, February 18 at 12:09:11 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Angela R. Hernández Pomales 10985 60% Complete Friday, June 15 at 02:39:33 PM English
Dominio del idioma inglés Orientada a alcanzar metas Capacidad de trabajar en equipo, sin supervisión - Desarrollarme como profesional en una compañía en la que pueda aplicar mis habilidades, destrezas y ... Lisa Anderson 10162 100% Complete Tuesday, December 14 at 07:16:05 PM English
To obtain a position of Production/Material Control at the Nestle plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Proficient in these computer programs/software: Inventory Control Staged material for use on product Operated and adjusted Microview measurement equipment Brandon Stevens 8571 100% Complete Tuesday, April 20 at 05:14:34 PM English
Check in new music from various lables Work with engineering department on new and special customer Part Numbers, Cable Customer Service Representative Co-host of weekly radio show "The Jump Button" Stay connected with labels for charting/radio spins ... Matthias Urankar 8353 100% Complete Thursday, September 30 at 12:39:31 AM English
Highly motivated entry level web content developer and Red Hat technician looking to seek employment - To secure an entry level position in the information technology field where I will be exposed to and Assist with the daily operations in the ... Laura Dickinson 8036 100% Complete Saturday, March 06 at 07:28:50 PM English
Strong business and administrative management expertise. - I desire to work in a professional, business environment where I can utilize my expert skills and be Managed back-office administrative responsibilities. Schedule banquets, charity dinners, ... Gregory Gregorowicz 7912 76% Complete Saturday, May 21 at 05:01:17 AM English
To obtain a position in security and fire operations that will utilize my acquired knowledge and collective Project Management. Responsible for system design, plan review, vendor selection, Vendor Relationship Management. Responsibilities include ... Christopher Grove 6886 100% Complete Wednesday, February 16 at 05:53:37 PM English
I'm a well trained, versitile mechanic electrician. I've been raised with a solid work ethic, and taught - My short term goals are to find a stable, well paying position where I would have the possibility of During this time I worked with such ... Shirley Acosta 6696 48% Complete Wednesday, February 17 at 09:44:56 AM English
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