Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language Thao Ngo, RN 6915 100% Complete Thursday, March 13 at 02:46:59 PM English
Registered Nurse - Bilingual (English, Vietnamese) - Looking for opportunities to give excellent patient care in a hospital setting Experienced in collaborating with nurses, doctors, specialists, and staff members Loyal and collaborative professional ... souleymane diouf 2537 100% Complete Saturday, February 02 at 08:54:45 AM English
i am a student at Lagcc as of now - Accounting ... Patricia Baraibar 4478 76% Complete Wednesday, October 19 at 11:20:44 PM English
Adobe CS4 Versatile, bilingual project manager with expertise driving projects and leading Monitored project workflow and deadlines by setting timelines and priorities for Managed the agency’s most profitable account, Medtronic, which netted ... America I. Perez 5059 56% Complete Thursday, May 05 at 01:17:31 PM English
Bilingual speech pathologist assistant with four years of experience. - Experience with working with children from ages 2 to 12 in schools and in home health ... Jeff Jewell 13346 100% Complete Wednesday, November 17 at 12:23:01 PM English
DIVERSE skills background prior to nursing career, bringing business competency, computer/networking, - To continue to grow a strong foundation of nursing skills, and a diverse, marketable background for the DOCUMENT software changes for user ... Nuryelk Gutierrez 2869 56% Complete Tuesday, July 13 at 03:55:05 PM English
Bilingual Front Desk Receptionist with Experience - ... Arthur A. Rensberger 3777 48% Complete Wednesday, April 21 at 03:28:01 AM English
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