Resume Owner Views Completeness Last Change Default Language william acree 7800 100% Complete Wednesday, February 27 at 08:02:57 PM English
I am well traveled. - The main thrust of my education has focused around history and international relations. As such I seek I am academically serious as demonstrated by my consistently good grades. I lived with a local host family and gave ... Ryder Hospital 3 0% Complete Monday, August 20 at 10:13:35 AM Español
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... David S. Caillouet 3695 100% Complete Thursday, October 27 at 04:35:59 PM English
Seeking a position as a Protective Officer in the Worldwide Protective Services program of a respected ... Darko Gojkovic 11507 100% Complete Sunday, May 08 at 05:51:33 PM English
A HIGHLY MOTIVATED PROFFESSIONAL WITH EXTENSIVE EXPIRIENCE IN ALL HOSPITAL/MEDICAL/CARE OPERATIONS AND - Strenghts • High tolerance for ethnic, religious or personality diversity and excellent leadership • Expertise in hospital/medical/care ... Elroy Caromie Barron Jr. 6877 100% Complete Monday, October 11 at 03:12:02 PM English
. Customer Service. - To approach my career with a positive, upbeat, professional attitude. To have complete understanding . Organizational Developement. . Plan strategy and excecution. . Ability to excell in a team. . Strategic and tactical ... Robert E Lee 13972 100% Complete Monday, May 05 at 04:30:30 PM English
Responsibilities at Copper Mountain included efficient traffic management and parking, Microsoft Excel Skill Level: Expert Experience: 4 years Microsoft Outlook Skill Level: Expert Experience: 6 years I have experience with many handyman jobs ... Oscar Iván Medina Cruz 3459 0% Complete Sunday, April 04 at 03:53:12 PM English
Insufficient content for summary calculation ... Verlin Charles Winters 7868 100% Complete Monday, February 22 at 01:39:39 AM English
I am by no means a Special Forces soldier, but I am a soldier. I can follow orders and work hard to insure - I have aspired to work in the private contracting sector for some time. I love to work abroad and love Worked 12 hour shifts. On for ...
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